Catagonia is a company building and consulting firm based in Berlin. We invest in entrepreneurs and founder teams with disruptive business ideas that have the potential to redefine established markets. We consult and actively support established companies with strategies for a successful digital transformation.

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We invest in and build startups

We invest in founders with creative business concepts that break with conventional views or create new markets. We actively support them with scaling their business models and help them with access to growth capital. We focus on Internet/IT and digital media, AutoTec, FinTech, InsurTech, SecureTec and fast-growing block chains.

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We support established companies

We develop innovative online- and technology-based business models and strategies for family businesses, established companies and corporations.

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Who would have thought that this is possible in our lifetime? It shows that words do matter...

There are so many parallels between the demise of Nokia after Apple and that of the German car manufacturers after Tesla. Case in point: VW and the software of the New Golf 8.

What people actually die from, what they google for and what the media reports (via https://www.reddit.com/r/interestingasfuck/comments/buyroi/what_people_actually_die_from_what_they_google/ and https://ourworldindata.org/)

"They had sent many subtle warnings to the humans...before they arrived"

We'll make great pets.

President Donald Trump signs into law a bill that extends that NSA's warrantless s... via @launchticker https://goo.gl/nmk6aw


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